Sulfur Filtration

Our Centaur Sulfur Filter is a chemical free method for sulfur removal so effective that you'll forget how bad your water is. This simple system also eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and uses oxygen in the air to oxidize the sulfur in your water, this oxidized sulfur is then trapped by the Centaur mineral bed and backwashed out during a automatic regeneration.
This powerful sulfur filtration system will remove up to 8ppm of sulfur. The Centaur sulfur filter not only removes the smell and staining caused by sulfur bound well water, it also extends the life of your water softener by eliminating sulfur fouling on the softener's resin bed. This is the safe, effective and economical sulfur removal system you've been looking for.

F5600 SXT

The Centaur Filter comes in two standard sizes:

The Centaur F5600 SXT serves most homes with plumbing up to 1" and has a flow rate up to 15gpm

The Centaur Clack S1.25 High-Flow serves homes with larger plumbing up to 1-1/2" and has a flow rate up to 35gpm

Clack S1.25

The installed* cost of the Centaur F5600 SXT is $1295.00 (28.00 per month lease rate).

The installed* cost of the Centaur Clack S1.25 High-Flow is $1495.00 (32.00 per month lease rate).

*Installation includes sales tax and up to 5 feet of pipe (extra plumbing, if necessary, is charged @ $8.00 - $14.00 per foot). Drain and electric outlet must be available in the installation area. There is a $125.00 basic hook up fee when leasing the equipment.

The Centaur Sulfur Filters come with a 5-year parts and 1-year service Warranty.