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Logix 760

 Industry Standard for High Efficiency, High Performance Water Conditioning.

The Logix 760 control valve is built on the Autotrol platform that has been a industry leader since the 1960's. Durable and efficient, this control valve has proven to be reliable for decades of uninterrupted operation. This metered control valve will analyze your water consumption and recharge when needed, keeping regeneration salt and water use to an absolute minimum, while giving you a constant flow of softened water. Once programmed during installation, this system will only require periodic salt refill, and even after a power outage, this system will still keep it's settings with a standard built in power backup. Designed for plumbing up to 1" and a 15gpm flow rate. While you're replacing other worn appliances in your home, the Logix 760 will still be running strong because of it's extreme durability and exceptional efficiency.

*Logix 760 Control Valve
*Tough Fiberglass Mineral Tanks
*High-Capacity High-Strength Resins
*Turbulator Distributor System
*Durable Brine Tanks with Safety Floats

Our component combination has the durability and dependability to give you trouble free soft water for decades, easily surpassing any system you might consider from the big-box stores and is backed up by our famous LIFETIME parts warranty.

Listed below are our standard sized residential water softeners, if the size you are looking for is not listed please call and we will confirm your size is available. 

1 - 2 people 24,000 grain softener installed* $1095.00 ($25.00 per month to lease) 

1 - 4 people 32,000 grain softener installed* $1195.00 ($30.00 per month to lease) 

2 - 6 people 48,000 grain softener installed* $1395.00 ($35.00 per month to lease) 

4 - 8 people 64,000 grain softener installed* $1595.00 ($40.00 per month to lease) 


* Installation includes sales tax and up to 5 feet of pipe (extra plumbing, if necessary, is charged @$10.00 - $15.00 per foot). Drain and electric outlet must be available in the installation area. There is a $145.00 basic hook up fee when leasing equipment (leased control valves may vary).

All our residential water softeners come with a LIFETIME parts and one-year service warranty.

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